Constitutional Amendment Bill 2020

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A journey to accomplish Kenya's dreams since its independence.

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Download the Report of the Steering Committee on the Implementation of the Building Bridges to a United Kenya Taskforce Report.


The Steering Committee drafted twelve bills. Other bills required to give effect to some of the proposed constitutional changes will be drafted.

Notable Issues

The BBI Steering Committee was conscious of working within a national and global context that was dynamic and needed to be taken into account in its work. Many notable dynamics and trends stood out as important to this political and economic moment for Kenyans, in relation to the task of the Steering Committee. Below are some of the leading ones, which we hope all Kenyans will pay mind to as they read, and deliberate on, this report.

Proposed Constitutional Reforms

The quest to improve governance and to meet the just expectations of the Kenyan people is perpetual.

The March 2018 Handshake between H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga, as the leader of the opposition coalition, was a moment that crystallised the constitutional imperative to seek peace, security and unity.

Following the analysis of the views presented and thereafter validated by Kenyans, the Steering Committee proposes


Proposed Legislative Reforms

Two leaders, representing the ruling party and the opposition, shook hands to create an opportunity to unite the country and set in motion a process to identify the comprehensive changes that will strengthen the Rule of Law, unite Kenyans, deepen our constitutionalism, and launch a comprehensive reform process to consolidate this momentous opportunity.


The BBI Taskforce Report made several recommendations that require legislative interventions. The Steering Committee has considered the input obtained during the validation process and has drafted relevant amendment bills.