Kenyans have fought for their rights before and after independence and we have a very comprehensive Bill of Rights to protect these rights. However, we do not have a healthy regard for our responsibilities as citizens to promote our rights and those of others. We must realize that we are the wenye-nchi and take responsibility for our country. 

To ensure we all meet our responsibilities to self, family, community, and country, we should do the following. 

1) Write out a Charter of Citizen Responsibilities that layout the responsibilities to be borne by the Kenyan citizen to himself, family, community, and country. 

2) Establish and run programs for continuous and widespread civic education on rights and responsibilities. 

3) Inculcate in children a culture of responsibility by devising and operating voluntarism programs in schools whereby they help communities and institutions near the school. 

4) Subjecting all Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries and their families to the public institutions run by the government. If public institutions are not good enough for them, then they are not good enough for Kenyans. 

5) Developing a parenting curriculum and teaching parenting in religious institutions, health centers, and other social, governments and cultural institutions. Raising healthy and responsible children in a fast-changing society is becoming an increasingly complex undertaking 


f) Encouraging young Kenyans between the age of 18 to 26 years to volunteer six months of their life to serving Kenyans voluntarily. The national volunteers’ network would enroll them and assist them to get the opportunities. 

g) Domesticate Articles 27, 28 and 29 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. These articles provide for the responsibility of the citizen to their family, society, State and international community