Kenya is a nation of diversity and this has often led to misunderstanding and conflict. We need to find ways of managing our diversity particularly during the competition for power otherwise it will lead to our collective ruin. 

To prevent these ethnic conflicts in Kenya, and promote harmony and peaceful co-existence between persons of diverse ethnic societies, we should: 


1. Educate Kenyans on their diverse cultures and traditions and formulate a school curriculum that teaches students about the cultures and traditions of every ethnic community in Kenya. 

2. All public boarding secondary schools must enroll 50% of its student’s population from outside the county. 

3. Do away with “winner takes all” model of presidency and establish a more inclusive political system. 

4. Ensure that all resource sharing criteria at all levels ensure fair distribution between citizens per capita to reduce conflicts over resource allocation. 

5. Accelerate the process of the East African Community Confederation to expose Kenyans to other ethnic communities and remove the narrow-minded local ethnic competition. 

6. Strengthen the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties to enable it to deal with the problem of ethnicization of politics in Kenya by immediately recruiting and appointing a substantive Registrar who can be independent, assertive and proactive.