Education is not about exams. It's about what we learn from it and how we apply it in our day to day lives. For a long time, we have viewed it as a stepping stone to the next level but in reality, we remain the same old people with the same traits and nothing to show in regard to morals and values. The only thing most youth can show is a briefcase of academic certificates. This has always been a hindrance for us to compete on a global level. Our counterparts around the world get jobs while we are left asking questions. It's time for a change. It's time for the Kenyan education to compete with the world so we can produce a generation of champions and global leaders.


Ati ndio biashara isurvive I must have a godfather. Who said? Who made these rules? I can't even keep my business running for the first three years because of the heavy taxation then there are all these unfair policies that make it hard for me as a young person to make it economically. When I finally make it, the big companies come crushing my business because we don't have a level playing field. I am not scared of competition but I want an equal opportunity for tenders and other opportunities. It's time for the youth to get opportunities that favor them economically. Pesa iingie na ibaki kwa mfuko. Kazi kwa vijana na pesa kwa vijana!


56 years of independence and we still don't have youth at the forefront of leadership in this country. Youth tumechoka! We need a seat at the table. Its time for us to be heard and be represented by those who understand our challenge. It's time that the policies and laws that are being made have our interest at heart. It's time for retirement to be taken seriously and for people to actually go home at the right age. Laws and policies for the youth should be by the youth for the youth and not the other way around. It's time for youth to rise up and take leadership positions so that we can move this country to the next level.


I want to live in a community where I don't worry about moving out during the election period, I want to marry and raise children in a society where they won't be discriminated for their last name. I want to apply for a job and get it because I am qualified and not because someone has a better surname than me or because their gender has a better preference for the employer. I want one Kenya. As a youth, I am tired of ethnicity and discrimination over issues that I have no control about. I want a united Kenya full of ideals and not blood ties.

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