To build a stable nation, it is important that all people individually and as communities feel as part of the national life and feel included in the management of the country’s affairs. To enhance the participation of people in the national life; 

1. Establish the Office of the Public Rapporteur to conduct all public participation on behalf of all public entities both national and devolved undertaking policy and operational initiatives to remove bias, exclusion, and prejudice in public participation. 

2. Deal with marginalization at the county level by putting focus on inclusivity in county governments and making the same demands to county governments are also made to the national government. Evidence from BBI consultations indicate that communities that complain of marginalization at the national level were themselves guilty of marginalizing others in their respective counties 

3. Minimize the power of cartels to utilize economic power and even corruption to shape governance and policymaking in their interests. 

4. Involve reputable private recruitment companies in the recruitment of personnel in the public service to change cultures and attitudes and remove nepotism, bribery and other forms of corruption in public recruitment. 

5. Require the Public Service Commission and County Service Boards to undertake selective recruitment of candidates from minority groups and communities through headhunting to attain the face of Kenya. 

6. Representatives from the Muslim community made strong recommendations for an appellate system in the Kadhi’s court system. This is recommended because an appellate system that takes cases from the Kadhi system back to secular courts beat the purpose of the initial provisions. 

7. Publicize annual reports on diversity in the public service at both national and devolved governments and institutions. 

8. Remove all handicaps to dual citizens’ rights. All Kenya citizens must have the same status whether they have dual citizenship in another country or not. Persons should be judged by their character rather than by an assumption that a person with dual citizenship is liable to untrustworthiness. This handicap should only be maintained for the Commander-in-Chief and officers of the defense forces and the defense counsel.