1. Write the official history of Kenya as a nation. We must go way back in time and trace ourselves from all corners of Africa into Kenya, understand why our ancestors left where they came from and what they were looking for when they began migrating to this frontier? We must look for our common vision in the dreams of our ancestors. 


2. We must begin to think big and long term. Our vision of this country must go beyond our lives into three generations ahead. We must have plans that see beyond 100 years. And we must believe that there is something transformative we can contribute to African civilizations. 


3. We must be confident in our African skin and we must strengthen our African identity by promoting our cultures and traditions. 

i. Revamping the Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service and re-naming it into the Official Historian and National Archive Service. It will promote research and analysis of us and our history by collecting all information about the peoples of Kenya and providing that information to the school curriculum and teachers and researchers. 

ii. Strengthen the Ministry of Culture and Heritage which is currently treated as a peripheral government activity. The challenge of building a nation out of Kenya falls on this Ministry. iii. Replace Boxing Day, 26th December, with a national cultural day. 

iv. Promote the respect of elders. 


4. Promote Ethics in the country by;

i. Teaching the children how to serve and take responsibility by establishing a National Volunteer Network that links young people to volunteer opportunities. 

ii. Teaching ethics as a compulsory subject throughout the schooling curriculum from nursery to university. 

iii. Removing the ethics mandate from the Ethics and Anti-corruption 

Commission and giving it to the NCIC iv. Renaming NCIC as the Ethics Commission to oversee the promotion of Ethics in the Kenyan Nation. 

v. Including teachings of the national values and principles as part of every ethnic culture and particularly as part of the teachings during rites of passage. 

vi. Implementing the current enforcement mechanism under the Leadership and Integrity Act, even as we discuss how to strengthen it.