Anglican Church to support BBI (The Star)

Anglican church leaders, led by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, have thrown their weight behind the Building Bridges Initiative report.

Speaking at the All Saints Cathedral Church, Nairobi on Monday, Ole Sapit said the church is committed to enabling the implementation of the BBI.

He said the report is solely titled towards a united Kenya from a nation of blood ties to a Nation of ideals.

"As a church, we commit to playing our part in fathering the aspirations of the BBI towards a tangible outcome and as aspired by the report," he said.

Sapit said that the BBI report recommendations help address problems faced by Kenyans.

The Archibishop urged Kenyans to read and have positive conversations on what issues have been addressed in the report.

"The BBI identifies current critical issues that we must openly discuss. to ensure deeper connections and cohesion. We need more statesmanship and less politics," he said.

"It provides Kenya with new hope, gives opportunities for honest national discussions and conversations on what ails the nation and what needs to be done."

Sapit further urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to reconsider his decision to extend the time of the BBI team.

"The team did a commendable job on the report but they should be required to shape up the process of identifying loose ends during implementation," Sapit said.

"It should be handed over to a team of experts with youth representation".

The BBI report was released to the public on November 27 at the Bomas of Kenya after a private handover to the president and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

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