BBI could address many political ills if we give it a chance (The Star)

The unveiling of the Building Bridges Initiative should provide an opportunity for Kenyans to engage in an honest and objective conversation on the future of the nation.

It is important that Kenyans to keenly read and digest the contents of the report. The BBI report is a complex document that has tried to identify what has ailed this nation leading to persistent political restlessness after each electoral contest.

The initiative by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is laudable. The report may not contain the full solution to the country’s political problems.

However, it could be the beginning of a critical and useful debate on the future of a country that is dire need of social, economic and political values reinvention. The report seems to seek social-political inclusivity of all the segments of the people and communities in Kenya.

It seems to shy away from being seen as a political power-sharing settlement. It will, however, be important to restructure the governance units and system in the country. Currently, it makes little sense to have 47 governors than have reasonable regional governments that are politically and social economically viable.

The current presidential system under the Kenya Constitution 2010 is a winner-takes-all and it alienates many political players after the polls. This anomaly should be fixed once and for all. The suggestion for the creation of an office of official leader of the opposition is welcome.

The BBI conversation provides the people with the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation in a bid to wrestle down the political actors who want to reduce the report into a personal political ego contest.

Kenyans should endeavour to read and understand the contents. 

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