What is juicy for the Kenyan youth in the BBI report? (Viusasa News)

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Despite Kenya’s majority population being the youth, opportunities for growth and success have continued to shrink due to lack of proper structures and long-term vision.

But with the release of the BBI report on Tuesday, November 26, there is optimism that its recommendations will ensure the Kenyan youth have equal and ample opportunities to prosper for the next three generations.

For instance, the 7-year tax break in support of youth entrepreneurship and setting up business advisors in Huduma Centre are some of the reasons the youth are urged to read and engage, share their feedback through the BBI website to help the BBI team give homemade solutions for them.

Through the National Ethos, the report recommends investing in quality local talent with the aim of nurturing talent among the youth. Media should be established to build programming based on Kenyan history to show what is unique about ourselves. The report also recommends formation of a task force to make metal health care access to all, especially the youth who have in the recent past being the victims of mental health problems.

On Inclusivity, the BBI reports recommends that, for every youth to be included, the ministry of education to deliberately and transparently ensure that public boarding schools and universities have students from every part of the country.

For Kenya to make any step forward, BBI recommends that the aspect of Shared Prosperity be taken into account.

Here, several things are recommended:

Offer entrepreneurs access to product realisation hubs.Properly regulate loan apps to shield Kenyan youth (who are the biggest borrowers) from indebtedness.Identify and invest in special needs and talent especially among the youth.Giving new and small businesses a tax holiday of at least 7 years to support youth entrepreneurship and job creation.The private sector to help in mentoring, training and supporting aspiring business owners.Promote technical schools to increase skills and manpower among the youth.

To ensure the Kenyan youth are secure and safe, the BBI report recommends help from the ministry of Interior in providing national cyber-security and the government to include conflict resolution, negotiation and counselling skills in the curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

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