Why political class is out of order in debate on BBI report (Ureport)

At the heart of democracy is undeniable rights of citizen to express their opinions without fear of discrimination or unfair treatment. Unfortunately, this is not happening in many parts of the world. With the recent launch of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, it has become clear that some politicians have been given the agenda for 2022 elections.

In the words of James Clarke, a politician thinks of the next election while a statesman thinks of the next generation. At the heart of BBI is the need to unite the nation around national ethos and build an all-inclusive State.

Unfortunately, the political class is about winning the next election and Uhuru Kenyatta succession. Rather than seeking to maintain moral and fiduciary responsibility offered to them by virtue of their elected positions, many politicians will debate BBI on its probability to injecting new life and energy to help them stay relevant in the political spaces.

At the game play are the Jubilee and ODM leaders who are locking horns with deep interest to succeed Uhuru. To some, the BBI report is an anti-climax. With these frustrations and sense of betrayal, their roles in educating and informing citizens would be biased and unreliable.

To many, the BBI seems like the cure of myriads of challenges facing the country, but to a few politicians, it’s an opportunity to further divisive politics. It’s here that we must interrogate our deeply held principles – whether to entirely focus on next election or next generation.

Quick glimpse of tweets shows bloggers that have already taken sides. In essence, daggers have been drawn. This anger and frustration among politicians has not spared civil servants. In most African States, the failed and the fragile don’t understand the outcome of politicising civil service and this has often been used to achieve political interest at the expense of professionalism in public service.

Hearing political statements recklessly made toward senior civil servants shows how political class can be immoral and without principle in entrenching their ambitions to the service. The report has offered new lease of life to political class, one which depends entirely on how positively or negatively we critique the document.

Statistics shows huge population is able to read and write but unable to practically create opportunities. It’s here that we must take time to read the document and stay away from misleading utterances by the political class. The media must be an ally of the people.

Religious leaders could bring neutral perspective with the help of few sane policy-makers to help Kenyans make an informed decision on what next after the launch of BBI report.

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